Avid Multigrouping Doesn’t Work – 24p Project

August 8, 2013

So you’ve multigrouped a ton of times in a 30i project, and then you go to multigroup in a 24p project and it doesn’t work. The group is all messed up, but you did everything exactly the same as you’ve done in the past. That’s because there’s a bug that Avid hasn’t fixed for quite awhile now, and it’s really annoying, and they should fix it before doing anything else in their lives. I’m currently working with Avid 6.0.4 on Mac OS 10.7.3.

The way I know to make Avid multigroup in a 24p project correctly, is to set the format of the project to 1080p / 23.98, and then assign source tape names to all your master clips. If they already have tape names, give them the same tape names again. Then re-assign aux values to the master clips, re-subclip the timeline and multigroup. It will work then.

I’m not positive if you have to switch the format to HD, but I know it will work if you do so I always take the 2 seconds to switch the project format just in case.

-Matt Rittorno


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