Awesome Avid Quicktime Export Settings

May 20, 2011

The following settings generate approximately 6 MB’s for every 2 minutes of footage. So if you have a 24 minute television show, it should be less than 100 MB’s when it’s done exporting. It looks good and sounds good.

Avid Export Quicktime Movie Options…

If your show is 4×3, adjust the height / width to 486 x 365 and the aspect ratio to “Native Dimensions (486 x 365)”. This will create 8.5 MB’s for 2 minutes of footage.

Format Options…

Format Options

Check “prepare for internet streaming” if you’re putting it onto a website.

Video Settings…

Video Settings

If you adjust the slider in the video settings to “Least”, it will generate 3 MB’s for 2 minutes of footage. So a 24 minute show would be less than 50 MB’s when done exporting.

Sound Settings…

Audio Settings

I always export a small 2 minute chunk to test and make sure the settings are all right, and that everything looks and sounds good, before spending half an hour exporting a 30 minute chunk that might be messed up. It should export at approximately real-time (2 minutes of footage takes 2 minutes to export).

If I’m going to send the quicktimes to someone over the internet, I try to limit them to 100 megabytes. If you go higher than that, it might take awhile for the recipient to download the file. Gmail will send up to 15 Megabyte attachments. will send up to 50 Megabytes for free. Pay $10 and send up to 2 Gigabytes.

If you have video to compress or other post-production needs, I’m available to work. Check out my services and contact info here.

-Matt Rittorno


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