Breaking Into Post

January 9, 2010

Hey Matt,

I just joined the Post Production Networking Group for Picture Editorial on facebook and checked out your blog.

I have been an aspiring editor (scripted TV and features) for a few years now. I have some formal training for Avid and FCP from interning at Moviola. The only real experience I have in post so far was as an Avid AE on a Discovery Channel reality show. Unfortunately, I wasn’t quite ready for it and they couldn’t afford to have someone learning on the job. It didn’t last long and that was almost 2 years ago. I’ve been doing background/extra work for the last year and was a regular on Scrubs this season. However, I have no desire to pursue acting and would like to try getting into post again. I always apply for internships, post PA and runner positions with no success. Friends of friends who work in post haven’t been any help either.

My experience and contacts are minimal. I’m also not getting any younger at 32. What are your suggestions to pursue this elusive dream of becoming an editor? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Thanks for the email John. With the turn in the economy, I have realized exactly how important networking is in finding a job. In the past year I applied to every job post on the internet, called companies cold, emailed companies, and even drove around dropping off resumes a couple of days. Out of over 100 applications, no one called me back.

I did find 4 jobs over the course of the year though, and every single one of them came about by emailing people I’ve worked with before. It would be hard for me to recommend you for a job where I work, because I can’t attest to your work personally and if you do a poor job then I look bad and we lose time and money. Plus I know very qualified people who are out of work that would do great.

If you want to get into post-production, I recommend going back to a school where you can meet people that can get you a job. Then impress them. Or, email people you’ve worked with in the past that can and want to help you get a job. Or, start interning for free at post-facilities and impress some people that way. That’s the best I can come up with.

-Matt Rittorno

P.S. If anyone is interested in contacting John, I’d be glad to point you his way.


2 Responses to “Breaking Into Post”

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  2. robgwilson said

    i actually think working a post p.a. is a great tool also. I’ve had luck meeting people and proving to them my skills in a low-pressure situation. if you’re enthusiastic and have a little experience, then that should be enough to get you in the door at least. do good work as a post p.a. and you should have no problem moving up the ladder. check,, and craigslist for good opportunities.

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